Shortcut To Save File At Debug-Time

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The Shortcut To Save File At Debug-Time feature allows you to define a keyboard shortcut (Options window, Personal Options tab, Keyboard Shortcuts section) to save the selected file at debug-time. The Visual Basic IDE does not allow to save files at debug-time, but often it is useful to save the modifications that you have made to the source code at debug-time.


  • This feature is not available in the VBA version of MZ-Tools.
  • This feature only works at debug-time.
  • Since Visual Basic disables buttons or menus of add-ins at debug-time, the only way to save a file at debug-time is through a keyboard shortcut.
  • The file must be previously saved at design-time, that is, MZ-Tools does not prompt for a name to save the file (it shows an error message instead).

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