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Several of the MZ-Tools features show the results of an operation in a docking window like the following:


Some operations can use a different tab (1, 2, 3...) for each execution, while others can use the same treeview all the times.

The toolbar of this window has buttons for the following actions:

  • To re-execute the operation.
  • To copy the results to the clipboard.
  • To export the results to a text file (tab delimited).
  • To locate the source that caused the result. It can be some source code of a code window, some control on a form, etc. You can also double-click on the result line or press the Enter key if the line is selected in the treeview.
  • To remove results from the treeview. You can also press the Del key. This feature is useful if you are using the results as a "To Do" list, removing the results that you are no longer interested in.
  • To navigate the results up and down.
  • To remove all the tabs except the active one.
  • To remove the active tab.
  • To show or hide the code elements where an occurrence has been found.

You can use also the context menus of the treeview or of a node to perform the same actions.


  • You can navigate the items of this window using the Previous Item / Next Item buttons on its toolbar or even if the toolwindow is not visible using the Previous Item in Last Window and Next Item in Last Window buttons on the MZ-Tools - Main toolbar, which can be associated to keyboard shortcuts. You have also the MZTools.PreviousItemLastWindow and MZTools.NextItemLastWindow commands (Visual Studio 2015 and higher) and the MZTools8.PreviousItemLastWindow and MZTools8.NextItemLastWindow commands (Visual Studio 2013 and lower).
  • To find a code line in a code window, MZ-Tools uses the internal line numeration of the IDE. When you add or remove code lines, such numeration becomes invalid. In that case, MZ-Tools searches the string of the code line in the code window. Under some circumstances MZ-Tools may find a wrong line if the code window contains the same text duplicated.
  • If you have closed a result window, you can make it visible again using the proper submenu of the View | Other Windows menu in Visual Studio, or the proper submenu of the View menu of VB6 / VBA. For the same purpose you have also the View.ViewMethodCallerResults, View.ViewQualityReviewResults and View.ViewTextFindResults commands (Visual Studio 2015 and higher) or the MZTools8.ViewMethodCallerResults, MZTools8.ViewQualityReviewResults and MZTools8.ViewTextFindResults commands (Visual Studio 2013 and lower).
  • The Result Window of a Find Text operation also has buttons to perform a new search and to show the Replace panel. See the Find / Replace Text feature.
  • Operations can be canceled pressing the Esc key (which takes effect only when the operation is about to process the next file).

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