Registration (licensing)

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MZ-Tools 8.0 is registered through a MZTools8License.xml license file that you download from a link that you receive by e-mail when you purchase the product. Keep in a safe place that email message, the download link or the license file for future installations on the same or different computer. The download link for the license doesn't expire.

The same MZTools8License.xml license file is valid for all the editions of MZ-Tools 8.0 (VBA, VB6 and Visual Studio) that you install on the same computer and it is shared among all of them, so you need to register the product only once.

To register MZ-Tools 8.0:

  • If the trial version has expired, you get a dialog with a button to select the license file:


  • If the trial version has not expired yet, you need to go to the MZ-Tools | About menu (you may need to scroll down depending on the size of your monitor) and on the About window you have a button to select the license file:


MZ-Tools 8.0 is licensed per-user, not per-machine (for all users), even if the license file is for multiple users (pack 3, pack 5, pack 10, site or worldwide licenses).

For setup-based installations the license file is copied to this folder:

C:\Users\<your_user>\AppData\Roaming\MZTools Software\MZTools8

For the portable edition of MZ-Tools 8.0 for VBA the license file is copied to the Files subfolder of the portable installation.