Loading and Unloading MZ-Tools for VBA

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MZ-Tools for VBA is an add-in for the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) editor of some Microsoft Office application. It is neither a standalone program nor an add-in for some specific Office application such as Access, Excel, etc. To launch it, first you need to launch the VBA editor of any Office application.

To launch the VBA editor of an Office application you can either:

  • Click the Alt + F11 keyboard shortcut.
  • For Microsoft Access, go to the Database Tools tab and click the Visual Basic button:


  • For Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word and other Office applications, go to the Developer tab (you may need to customize the Office ribbon to show that tab since it is not shown by default) and click the Visual Basic button:


Once the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications editor is launched, the MZ-Tools add-in is loaded automatically (the setup configures it so):


If you want to unload it temporarily, or to configure it not to load automatically, go to the Add-Ins | Add-In Manager window of the VBA editor (do not confuse it with the Add-In Manager of the Office application):


In the Add-In Manager you can:

  • Load and unload MZ-Tools using the checkbox.
  • Mark whether MZ-Tools is loaded or not on startup.