Loading and Unloading MZ-Tools for Visual Basic 6.0

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MZ-Tools for Visual Basic 6.0 is an add-in for the Visual Basic IDE. It is not a standalone program. To launch it, first you need to launch Visual Basic.

The MZ-Tools add-in is loaded automatically when Visual Basic is launched (the setup configures it so).

If you want to unload it temporarily, or to configure it not to load automatically, go to the Add-Ins | Add-In Manager window:


In the Add-In Manager you can:

  • Load and unload MZ-Tools using the checkbox.
  • Mark whether MZ-Tools is loaded or not on startup.
  • Mark if MZ-Tools is loaded in the IDE when launched from a command-line (for example, building a project from the command-line). Since MZ-Tools doesn't support this scenario, leave the checkbox unchecked.


  • If you are running the vb6.exe application on Windows 7 or higher with compatibility mode for Windows XP, add-ins that create a lot of buttons (such as MZ-Tools) take some more seconds to load. If this delay is unacceptable for you, disable the compatibility mode for Windows XP in the Properties window, Compatibility tab:
    • For the current user:


    • For all users: