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The Keyboard Shortcuts section of the Personal Options tab explains you how to assign keyboard shortcuts for the MZ-Tools features (and for the exception / error handlers and code templates that you create). The way to define keyboard shortcuts is different for Visual Studio and for other IDEs.

For Visual Studio the dialog is the following:


If you click the Assign Keyboard Shortcuts... button, the window of Visual Studio to create keyboard shortcuts should appear:


In this window you select a command, press the desired shortcut keys and click the Assign button. The commands of MZ-Tools start with the "MZTools" prefix for Visual Studio 2015 and higher, and with the "MZTools8" prefix for Visual Studio 2013 and lower.

For VB and VBA, the dialog is the following, which allows you to create, edit or delete keyboard shortcuts:


The keyboard shortcut can be for a feature provided by MZ-Tools:


Or it can be for a feature provided by VB/VBA if those IDEs don't provide a keyboard shortcut for features that they do provide:

  • Toggle Bookmark, Next Bookmark, Previous Bookmark, Clear All Bookmarks and Redo, provided by the Edit menu and the Edit toolbar.
  • Locals Window and Watch Window, provided by the View menu and the Debug toolbar.
  • Comment Block and Uncomment Block, provided by the Edit toolbar (but, conspicuous by their absence, not by the Edit menu). If you are not aware of the Edit toolbar, you can make it visible right-clicking on any toolbar and checking the Edit menu entry on the context menu that is shown.



  • When using MZ-Tools 8.0 for VBA, its keyboard shortcuts trigger even if the main Microsoft Office window (and not the VBA editor window) is the active one. This is due to a known technical limitation of how MZ-Tools provides keyboard shortcuts through global Windows hotkeys (since the Microsoft API for VBA add-ins doesn't provide support for keyboard shortcuts). To avoid this issue, configure keyboard shortcuts in the VBA editor that you don't use for the main Microsoft Office application.