- A -

Access Keys Review Options

Action When Closing Solution Options

Add Line Numbers (VB.NET)

Add Multiple Files

Apply Default Properties

Autosave Open Documents

- C -

Check for Updates Options

Clear Immediate Window

Close Windows

Code Element Headers Options

Code Elements Order Options

Code Elements Order Review Options

Code Library

Code Library Options

IconCode Library Options
IconCode Library Options

Collapse Solution Projects

Combine Lines (VB.NET)


Condition Editor

Control Default Properties Options

Control Explorer

Control Explorer Options

Control Name Assistant

Control Tags Options

Convert Field to Property

Convert Selection To Upper / Lower Case

Copy Controls With Code

Copy Selected Files to Folder


- D -

Database Connection String Assistant

Dead Code Review Options

Development Environment Settings Review

Development Environment Settings Review Options

- E -

Edit File As Text

Exception Handlers Options

Export Import Files

Exporting Lists

External Utilities

External Utilities Options

- F -

Favorite Code Elements

Favorite Items Options

Favorite Solutions

Find / Replace Text

Find Text Options

Form Default Properties Options

- G -

General Personal Options

General Team Options

Generate HTML Documentation

Generate XML Documentation

Go to Beginning / End of Class

Go to Beginning / End of Method

- H -

Headers Review Options

HTML Documentation Options

- I -

Importing Lists

Importing Options

Insert Exception Handler

Insert Header

Insert Headers



- K -

Keyboard Shortcuts Options

- L -

Line Indenting Options

Line Numbering (VB.NET) Options

Line Splitting Options

Loading and Unloading MZ-Tools

IconLoading and Unloading MZ-Tools for Visual Studio 2015-2019
IconLoading and Unloading MZ-Tools for Visual Studio 2010-2013
IconLoading and Unloading MZ-Tools for Visual Basic 6.0
IconLoading and Unloading MZ-Tools for VBA

- M -

MessageBox Assistant

Method Callers

Miscellanea Options

- N -

Name and Text Properties for New Control Options

New Method / Property Assistant

New Method / Property Assistant Options

Nomenclature Rules Review Options


- O -

Open Build Output Folder

Open Documents Autosaving Options

Open Folder on Disk

Option Strict On for VB.NET Projects Options

- P -

Paste Controls With Code

Personal Options

Predefined Variables

Private Clipboards

Programming Rules Review Options

Prompt Action When Closing Solution

Prompt Name and Text Properties for New Control

- Q -

Quality Review Options

- R -

Registration licensing

Regular Expressions (.NET)

Regular Expressions (Visual Studio)

Reload Active Document from Disk

Remove Files (.lib and .exp) When Closing Project

Remove Line Numbers (VB.NET)

Rename Related Source Code When Renaming Control


Result Window

Review Quality

- S -

Save and Close Active Window

Set Option Strict On for VB.NET Projects

Shortcuts To Built-in IDE Features

Smart Design Mode

Smart Design Mode Options

Sort Alphabetically Selected Lines

Sort Code Elements Automatic

Sort Code Elements Manual

Spell Checker Options

Split Lines


Switch / Select Case Assistant for Enums

Switch Assignment

- T -

Tabindex Assistant

TabIndex Review Options

Task List

Team Options

Toolbars and Menus Options

Toolbars, Main Menus and Context Menus


Type Tags Options

- U -


Using MZ-Tools

- V -

Value Editor

- W -

When Condition Editor


Windows Closing Options

- X -

XML Documentation Options