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The Generate HTML Documentation feature allows you to generate a file with documentation of your source code in HTML format. This is accomplished by transforming the XML file generated by the Generate XML Documentation feature into an HTML file using an Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) file:


An XSLT file is supplied with MZ-Tools. You can customize this XSLT file to meet your needs (for example, you may want to remove some information from the output).

You can specify the name of the XSLT file used for the transformation in the Options window, Team Options tab, HTML Documentation section.

MZ-Tools offers the following ways to generate HTML documentation:

  • The MZ-Tools | Other Utilities | Generate HTML Documentation... menu.
  • The Generate HTML Documentation button on the MZ-Tools - Other Utilities toolbar.
  • In Visual Studio 2015 and higher, the keyboard shortcut associated with the MZTools.GenerateHTMLDocumentation command.
  • In Visual Studio 2013 and lower, the keyboard shortcut associated with the MZTools8.GenerateHTMLDocumentation command.
  • In VB6 / VBA, the keyboard shortcut associated with the Generate HTML Documentation feature.
  • In VB6 / VBA, the Generate HTML Documentation... menu entry on the context menu of a project in the Project Explorer.

When you invoke this feature, a window is shown that allows you to select the scope of the operation and the name of the output file:



  • Ensure that the source code can be compiled without errors before running this feature.
  • The HTML file is generated with the encoding that you specify in the XSLT file, in the <xsl:output> node. For example, if you set:
    <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="" version="1.0">
    <xsl:output method="html" encoding="utf-16" />
    Then the HTML file will be generated with Unicode (UTF16) encoding.

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