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The Control Explorer feature allows you:

  • To explore the hierarchy of controls on the active form or usercontrol.
  • To display in a property grid only the most used properties for each control. You can customize this grid to define the most used properties by you.
  • To perform some actions on selected controls (the Control Explorer allows multiselection) like View Code, Bring to Front, Send to Back, Cut, Copy, Copy with Code, Paste, Paste with Code, Delete and Apply Default Properties.

MZ-Tools offers the following ways to show the Control Explorer window:

  • The MZ-Tools | Control Explorer menu.
  • The Control Explorer button on the MZ-Tools - Main toolbar.
  • In Visual Studio 2015 and higher, the keyboard shortcut associated with the MZTools.ControlExplorer command.
  • In Visual Studio 2013 and lower, the keyboard shortcut associated with the MZTools8.ControlExplorer command.
  • In VB6 / VBA, the keyboard shortcut associated with the Control Explorer feature.

The Control Explorer window is the following:



  • You can navigate the items of this window using the Previous Item / Next Item buttons on its toolbar or even if the toolwindow is not visible using the Previous Item in Last Window and Next Item in Last Window buttons on the MZ-Tools - Main toolbar, which can be associated to keyboard shortcuts. You have also the MZTools.PreviousItemLastWindow and MZTools.NextItemLastWindow commands (Visual Studio 2015 and higher) and the MZTools8.PreviousItemLastWindow and MZTools8.NextItemLastWindow commands (Visual Studio 2013 and lower).
  • In Visual Studio, this feature only works with Windows Forms forms, not with WPF, Web, Silverlight or Smart Device forms.
  • In VBA, this feature doesn't work with Microsoft Access forms, it only works with VBA UserForms (Insert | UserForm menu) since MZ-Tools 8.0 is an add-in for the VBA editor and not an add-in specific for Microsoft Access.

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