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The Control Default Properties section of the Team Options tab allows you to customize the Apply Default Properties feature when applied to controls:


You can:

  • To set whether to apply default properties when a new control is added to a form.
  • In Visual Studio, set if you want to apply a specific modifier (private, protected, etc.) to each new control that is added to a form. For example, by default VB.NET uses the Friend modifier, but you may want to use the Private modifier instead.
  • Define the default properties that you want to apply to each type of control.

To create a default property you use the following window:


In this window you enter the following properties:

  • Library / Assembly: the library (VB/VBA) or assembly (Visual Studio) containing the control type.
  • Control Type: the control class.
  • Property Name: the property.
  • Property Value: the default value to be applied to the property.


  • For Visual Studio, this feature only works with Windows Forms controls. It doesn't work with WPF, Web, Silverlight or Smart Device controls.

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