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Visual Studio provides commands to execute actions. A command is not a user interface element, that is, it is not a button. It is a mechanism used by Visual Studio to execute actions. You can notice the existence of commands by the following ways:

  • The Tools, Customize... dialog, Commands tab.
  • The Tools, Customize... dialog, Keyboard... button.
  • The Command window (View | Other Windows | Command Window menu) where you can type command names.

Commands can be executed:

  • Using the buttons that are created from them in the Visual Studio user interface on toolbars, menus, context menus, etc.
  • Using the keyboard shortcut associated to the command. See Keyboard Shortcurts Options.
  • Typing it in the Command window.

MZ-Tools also provides its features as commands (whose name start with the MZTools8 prefix), so you can do the same things that you can do with Visual Studio commands:


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