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Visual Studio provides commands to execute actions. A command is not a user interface element, that is, it is not a button. It is a mechanism used by Visual Studio to execute actions. You can notice the existence of commands by the following ways:

  • The Tools, Customize... dialog, Commands tab.
  • The Tools, Customize... dialog, Keyboard... button.
  • The Command window (View | Other Windows | Command Window menu) where you can type command names.

Commands can be executed:

  • Using the buttons that are created from them in the Visual Studio user interface on toolbars, menus, context menus, etc.
  • Using the keyboard shortcut associated to the command. See Keyboard Shortcurts Options.
  • Typing it in the Command window.

MZ-Tools also provides its features as commands (whose names start with the "MZTools" prefix for Visual Studio 2015 and higher, or the "MZTools8" prefix for Visual Studio 2013 and lower), so you can do the same things that you can do with Visual Studio commands:


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