Code Explorer

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The Code Explorer feature allows you to navigate the code elements (constants, fields, enums, events, user-defined types, properties and methods) of the active code window:


MZ-Tools offers the following ways to show the Code Explorer:

  • The MZ-Tools | Code Explorer menu.
  • The Code Explorer button on the MZ-Tools - Main toolbar.
  • In VB6 / VBA, the keyboard shortcut associated with the Code Explorer feature.

The toolbar offers the following controls:

  • Refresh button to update the contents of the list.
  • Previous Item / Next Item buttons to navigate the list. When a new item is selected, the code window shows its code. Note: if the Code Explorer toolwindow is not visible you can use the Previous Item in Last Window and Next Item in Last Window buttons on the MZ-Tools - Main toolbar, which can be associated to keyboard shortcuts.
  • Buttons to filter the kind of code elements that you want to show / hide: constants, fields, enums, events, user-defined types, properties and methods.
  • A textbox to filter the list by some text.