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The Headers section of the Team Options tab allows you to customize the headers (standard or XML) of the Insert Header, Insert Headers and New Method/Property Assistant features:


In that window you can set also whether the header should be added below the declaration for items that have body.

An item can be a file, class, property, method, event, etc. You can define a header common to several item kinds, or a header specific only to some item kind. You can also define several headers applicable to the same item kind. Headers can be active or inactive.

To create a header you use the following window:


In this window you enter the following properties:

  • Description: a text describing the header.
  • Applies To: the valid kinds for the header.
  • Template Text: the actual text of the header. Using the Insert > button, you can include in the text predefined variables (whose value is assigned automatically by MZ-Tools, such as the date, author, etc.) or user-defined variables (whose value is asked when the header is inserted).
  • Author: the author of the header.

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