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The Close Windows feature allows you to close all the open windows, all except the active one, all code windows or all designer windows (forms and usercontrols).

MZ-Tools offers the following ways to close windows:

  • The MZ-Tools | Close dropdown menu.
  • The Close All Windows buttons on the MZ-Tools - Main toolbar.
  • In Visual Studio 2015 and higher, the keyboard shortcuts associated with the following commands:
    • MZTools.CloseAllWindows
    • MZTools.CloseAllWindowsButActiveOne
    • MZTools.CloseAllDesignerWindows
    • MZTools.CloseAllCodeWindows
  • In Visual Studio 2013 and lower, the keyboard shortcuts associated with the following commands:
    • MZTools8.CloseAllWindows
    • MZTools8.CloseAllWindowsButActiveOne
    • MZTools8.CloseAllDesignerWindows
    • MZTools8.CloseAllCodeWindows
  • In VB6 / VBA, the Close All Windows menu entries on the Window menu.
  • In VB6 / VBA, the keyboard shortcut associated with the following features:
    • Close All Windows
    • Close All Windows But the Active One
    • Close All Designer Windows
    • Close All Code Windows

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