MZ-Tools 8.0 Build released

Yesterday it was the first anniversary of MZ-Tools 8.0 for VBA, VB6 and VB5. Happy birthday! I want to thank all the people whose feedback has made this product much better, requesting new features and enhancements, and reporting bugs.

Yesterday also a new build was released, as every month. The complete changelog is the following:

MZ-Tools released (October 1, 2016)

  • New [Internal] (VBA): MZ-Tools 8.0 for VBA Portable edition.
  • Fixed [#11589] (All): The Code Library doesn’t set the focus on the treeview with code templates when shown.
  • Fixed [#11522, #11524] (VB6/VB5): Toolwindows could not be shown (System.InvalidCastException “Unable to cast COM object of type ‘System.__ComObject’ to class type System.Windows.Forms.UserControl”) on Windows 8 or higher if VB6/VB5 is running in compatibility mode with Windows XP. This bug was introduced in build
  • Fixed [#11580] (All): The Headers Review didn’t ignore spaces at the end of a line for VB/VB.NET languages.
  • Fixed [#11589] (VB/VBA): The Esc key allows to close toolwindows.
  • Fixed [#11570] (VB/VBA): The Line Indenting feature caused “System.InvalidOperationException: Indentation of paragraph of file failed” if the file ended with a line with spaces and the last method included line numbers.
  • Fixed [#11544] (VBA): The Options window doesn’t show the Personal / Team options tabs on some configurations (Windows 10 on Parallels).
  • Fixed [#11554] (VBA): The Generate HTML/XML documentation feature crashed the VBA editor of the GE iFix host.
  • Fixed [#11589] (VBA): The Tab key didn’t navigate correctly in the Code Library.
  • Fixed [Internal] (All): The dialog to download an updated version didn’t set correctly the position of a label.
  • Fixed [Internal] (VBA): MZ-Tools could not be loaded in the VBA editor of Office 2000 on Windows XP with .NET Framework 2.0.