MZ-Tools released

The update of this month is quite small but it brings an important improvement for some VB/VBA users: you can now use the Sort Code Elements feature even if the General-Declarations section contains conditional compilation. The complete changelog is the following:

  • Enhanced [#14870] (VB/VBA): MZ-Tools now locates buttons on toolbars and menus by Id instead of by FaceId to allow picture customization.
  • Enhanced [#14898] (VB/VBA): The Sort Code Elements feature now allows conditional compilation inside the General-Declarations section.
  • Fixed [#14867] (VBA): NullReferenceException could happen when getting the code elements of a file.
  • Fixed [#14876] (All): The Method Callers feature was unable to resolve the type of the expression ‘With New … End With’.