MZ-Tools released with several enhancements and bug fixes

Yesterday a new build was released. This new build introduces two new columns, Access and Kind, in the Code Explorer:

It also provides a more streamlined updating experience that installs directly the new build without having to download the new setup, save it, locate it, run it, etc.:

There is also a new settingĀ to choose whether to add blank lines or not in the New Method / Property Assistant (previously blank lines were always added):

The complete changelog is the following:

  • Enhanced [#11991] (All): The license file can now be replaced in the About window.
  • Enhanced [#11990] (All): The code element name is now shown in the caption of the Code Template User-Defined Variables Values dialog.
  • Enhanced [#12002] (VB/VBA): Added option to insert or not blank lines in code generated by the New Property/Method Assistant feature.
  • Enhanced [#12003] (VB/VBA): Added scope and kind columns to Code Explorer.
  • Fixed [#11910] (All): The setup shows now an error message to close the IDE that is locking a file.
  • Fixed [#11972] (All): The Options files were not read again once the connectivity with the drive that contained them was restored (USB drive, network folder, VPN, etc.).
  • Fixed [#11975] (All): The Code Explorer could cause NullReferenceException.
  • Fixed [#11993, #11594, #10722] (VBA): The Dead Code Review could cause COMException (0x800A9C68) when retrieving the Name property of a UserForm.
  • Fixed [#12005] (VS 2015): The Dead Code Review could cause System.InvalidOperationException “Ildasm File Full Name is null”.
  • Fixed [#12032] (VBA): The Tab key doesn’t work correctly in the Control Name Assistant. This bug was introduced in build
  • Fixed [#12020] (VB/VBA): The Sort Code Elements feature didn’t allow conditional compilation directives inside properties.
  • Fixed [#12037] (VB/VBA): The New Method/Property Assistant failed when used on a class whose name started with “I” because it is an interface.
  • Fixed [#12036] (VS): The line numbering feature of VB.NET didn’t exclude lines starting with the “Into” keyword.
  • Fixed [Internal] (VS): Some windows were not shown correctly with the Dark theme. This bug was introduced in non-public build
  • Fixed [Internal] (VS/VBA): The Next Item button on the Control Explorer toolbar didn’t have the correct size in high DPI displays.
  • Fixed [Internal] (All): The icons in the explanation zone of the Options window didn’t have the correct color depth.

4 thoughts on “MZ-Tools released with several enhancements and bug fixes

  1. The “more streamlined updating experience that installs directly the new build …” does not work for me. While the Install dialog box pops up when the VBE is opened, and clicking the Install button does trigger a progress bar to “appear” to be handling the update with success. But in fact it was not, and the next time I open the VBE, the Install dialog box emerges again and reads my installed version as an old one and prompts me to update yet again. The dialog box now becomes a nuisance than anything streamlined.

    • Hi Victor,

      Sorry for the delay answering, I didn’t get an email with this comment. About the new updating experience:

      1) The next build will restore a “Download only” button for people wanting the old updating behavior You can download now next build for VBA from the website (the site still says but when you download the setup is actually

      2) The rename button “Download and Install” will detect earlier and with a better message that since you have the VBE editor and Office app open, you need to close them before continuing (to avoid the error that would happen later if the MZ-Tools DLLs are in use). Furthermore, after finishing the update the Office app and document that were opened and needed to be closed will be reopened.

      That said, I don’t understand your issue. In the build the progress bar would be interrupted at some point because the DLLs are in use, you would need to close Office, click the Retry button and the setup would finish successfully. But from what you say it seems that the update was not interrupted and progressed apparently successfully?

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