MZ-Tools and released with VS 2017 RC support and bug fixes

The past November 16 a new build was released with some bug fixes and, more importantly, with support for the Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate 1 announced by Microsoft at the Connect(); 2016 event.

Today a new build has been released with new bug fixes, one of them specially important if you are using Visual Basic 6.0 since the Rename Related Source Code feature was crashing usercontrols.

Also, this month the MZ-Tools website started to use https and this caused a problem in the Check for Updates feature that is now fixed.

The changelogs are the following:

MZ-Tools released (November 16, 2016)

  • New (VS): Added support for VS 2017 RC.
  • Fixed [#11691] (All): The Generate HTML Output Documentation removed indentation of comments in headers.
  • Fixed [#11662] (All): The Dead Code Review didn’t parse correctly statements that were not Dim declarations in lines that started with Dim declarations.
  • Fixed [#11670] (VB/VBA): The Replace feature could cause System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException “Index and length must refer to a location within the string” could happen in some cases.
  • Fixed [#11666] (VBA): LongLong and LongPtr types were not recognized.
  • Fixed [#11695] (VBA): The TabIndex Assistant and other features duplicated a control if the parent was a Frame control inside another Frame control.

MZ-Tools released (December 1, 2016)

  • Fixed [#11715] (All): The Check for updates feature caused “” not found because of https.
  • Fixed [#11716] (All): The Review Code Element Headers could cause System.ArgumentNullException “Value cannot be null”.
  • Fixed [#11724] (All): MZ-Tools entry is no longer created in Control Panel > Programs and features if silent switches are used for automated deployments.
  • Fixed [#11703, #11704] (VB6): Custom control crashed when renamed if the “Rename Related Source Code” feature was activated.