Moving from MZ-Tools 3.0 to 8.0 Part 7: A unified quality review

MZ-Tools 3.0 offered some limited reviews of your source code / form designers: the popular Review Source Code (although Review Dead Code would have been a better name), the Review TabIndex Property, the Review Access Keys and the Review Collections. They could be executed automatically before making an executable or on demand using the Other Utilities dropdown of the toolbar:


And they were so independent, that each one used its own results toolwindow.

In MZ-Tools 8.0, a unified Review Quality feature is provided through a single button on the Main toolbar:

ReviewQualityVersion8When invoked, you can select the scope of the quality review and the desired reviews, whose number has been doubled:

ReviewQualityUserOptionsWhile the Review Collections has been removed (it can be replicated to some extent as a Programming Rule Review), the following ones have been added:

  • Spell Checker: it can detect typos in the Caption property of the controls or in texts of MsgBox statements.
  • Code Element Headers Review: it can detect not only if a file, procedure, property, etc. code element lacks a header, but also if its header doesn’t match the allowed headers for that code element.
  • Code Elements Order Review: it can detect if the procedures and properties of a file are not sorted as established.
  • Nomenclature Rules Review: although this review will be explained in a future post, suffice to say that it can detect if any name (project, file, control, procedure, property, field, constant, variable, parameter, etc.) doesn’t follow the nomenclature rules that you define (prefix, suffix, case, etc.).
  • Programming Rules Review: this review will be also explained in detail in a future post. It allows you to define “programming rules” or coding standards such as mandatory code, forbidden code, versions of references required, allowed values for properties of controls, colors, etc.

The reviews can be executed also automatically before making the executable, as configured in the Options window, Team Options tab, Quality Review section, where you can configure also each individual review:

Once executed, you get a single results toolwindow with all the detected issues (each result shows the individual review):


So, MZ-Tools 8.0 provides a better tool to detect issues in your projects, source code or form designers, with more reviews and more configurable. This can be invaluable for team leads who can now not only define programming standards for their teams in a tool (rather than, say, in a Word document) but also can ensure that those standards are followed.