Moving from MZ-Tools 3.0 to 8.0 Part 6: A better results toolwindow

Two of the most appreciated features of MZ-Tools 3.0 were the Find Text and the Procedure Callers, both showing the results in a toolwindow with a treeview:

FindResultsVersion3ProcedureCallersResultsVersion3In MZ-Tools 8.0, those toolwindows are even more powerful. The most noticeable enhancement is that now there are multiple tabs that store the results of past executions (whose details you can see at the status bar):

FindResultsVersion8Each tree of results can be updated or executed again with the “Refresh” button on the toolbar (the first one). Also, you have buttons to delete the active tab, or all tabs except the active one. Other buttons have been added to locate or delete the selected result.

The Method Callers feature always creates a new tab each time is invoked, but for the Find Text feature you have a “Use new result tab” checkbox in the “Output Options” section, just in case you want a single tab for some reason:

In the same “Output Options” section you have another “Show code elements” checkbox to set whether you just want to show the parents of a result at file level or you want further details showing the parent class, parent method, etc. There is also a button on the toolbar of the toolwindow to toggle that setting.

With code elements, the treeview would show parent classes, methods, UDTs, enums, etc. (notice that the last button on the toolbar is checked):

MethodCallersWithCodeElementsWithout code elements, only the parent file is shown (notice that the same last button on the toolbar is now unchecked):

MethodCallersWithoutCodeElementsThe last enhancement is about showing again closed results toolwindows. If you close some results toolwindow (Find Text, Method Callers or Review Quality) you can show it again through menu entries added at the bottom of the “View” submenu on the main menu bar:

ViewMenuAnd for better discoverability, since recent builds there is a “View” dropdown at the end of the “Other Utilities” toolbar:


To summarize, MZ-Tools 8.0 can make you more productive when working with the results toolwindows of its Find Text, Method Callers or Review Quality features. I hope you like the enhancements.