New build released

I hope everyone reading this is OK and healthy. Here at Spain we have entered the 4th week locked-down at home, and the forecast is to remain so another four weeks at least. Things don’t necessarily stop due to that situation, so past April 1 I released a new build of MZ-Tools 8.0 (build fixing small bugs and annoyances that some of you have reported me in the past weeks.

The list is below. Take care.

  • Fixed [#14715] (VB/VBA): Single-line declaration of methods in results window generated from multi-line declaration could contain extra spaces.
  • Fixed [#14753] (VB/VBA): The expansion keyword feature for code templates didn’t indent correctly the code in some cases.
  • Fixed [#14604] (VB/VBA): The Generate HTML Documentation could cause problems with “\Doc” folder.
  • Fixed [#14818] (VB): NullReferenceException could happen during line indenting review.
  • Fixed [#14575] (VS): The Dead Code Review could cause error “Couldn’t get SDK folder” in some Visual Studio versions.
  • Fixed [#14816] (VBA): The MZTools8VBAPortable.exe.config file contained the “safemode” value which is not required.
  • Fixed [Internal] (VBA): The version for Office 2016 or higher is now shown as “2016/2019/365” since all of them are version number 16.0.
  • Fixed [Internal] (VS): Toolwindows didn’t change colors when changing the theme from light to dark or viceversa.