New build released

A new build ( of MZ-Tools has been released, that includes some enhancements to remember between sessions your last settings for operations, clickable columns for the Code Explorer (VB/VBA) and support for priority in code tasks, using “[+]” or “[-]” in the line that contains the TODO code task:

Also, the screenshots of the documentation have been updated and unified (using the ones for the VBA IDE) and several bugs have been fixed.

The complete list of changes is the following:

MZ-Tools released (May 1, 2019)

  • Enhanced [#14013] (All): In the options dialog for the Insert Headers feature, the selected code elements to insert headers to are now remembered, even between sessions.
  • Enhanced [#14013] (All): In the options dialog for the Review Quality feature, the selected reviews to execute are now remembered between sessions.
  • Enhanced [#14013] (All): In the options dialog for an operation, the selected scope is now remembered between sessions.
  • Enhanced [#13939] (All): The Control Assistants are now available in the VBA editor of Access if the user has added the Insert > UserForm menu entry.
  • Enhanced [#13977] (All): The last used scope is now preselected in the operation scope dialog.
  • Enhanced [#13972] (VB/VBA): The columns of the Code Explorer are now clickable to allow sorting.
  • Enhanced [Internal] (VB/VBA): Code tasks now support priority using “[+]” or “[-]” in the line of code containing the “TODO” token.
  • Fixed [#13995] (VBA): The TabIndex Assistant could show error “The algorithm that calculates the correct Tab Index has returned a number of controls different to the number of controls in the Tab Index Assistant list” when moving up/down a deleted control.
  • Fixed [Internal] (All): NullReferenceException could happen in the Generate HTML/XML Documentation features.
  • Fixed [Internal] (VS): Removed checkbox in setup to use COM Shim or not for Visual Studio (not required).