New build released

Yesterday a new build ( was released. While it only introduces a minor enhancement to sort the code tasks of the Task List, it fixes two important bugs that have caused problems to a number of German and Asian users during the past years. Finally MZ-Tools 8.0 can coexist with SmartTools AccessToExcel 4.0 für Access (and similar popular German add-ins for Access) and can handle correctly text that uses double-byte encodings (Asian languages, for example). Hopefully those two errors are fixed for good. There are also minor fixes to provide an even better user experience:

MZ-Tools released (February 1, 2019)

  • Enhanced [#13731] (VB/VBA): The Code Tasks of the Task List can be sorted now by column.
  • Fixed [#13690] (All): The Convert Field to Property feature removed the comment of a field.
  • Fixed [#11754] (VBA): A System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException (0x80004005) happened at startup when using SmartTools AccessToExcel 4.0 für Access.
  • Fixed [#13702] (VB/VBA): Several features didn’t work correctly with double-byte encodings such as Chinese, etc.
  • Fixed [#13653] (VB/VBA): An sporadic COMException that can happen during startup to restore toolwindows of the last session is now ignored.
  • Fixed [#13529] (VB/VBA): The add-in was initialized twice causing errors in some cases.
  • Fixed [#13716] (VB6): The clipboard text was not preserved when loading MZ-Tools.
  • Fixed [#13775] (VS): Some features could cause NullReferenceException with .cpp files.
  • Fixed [#13788] (VBA): The TabIndex Assistant, Control Names Assistant and Control Explorer showed the message “There is no active document window” instead of “The active window is not a window with a designer (Form, UserControl, etc.)”.