Happy New Year! And a new build (

Happy New Year to all! I have been working the last couple of months fixing the bugs that some of you have reported, and also adding support for Visual Studio 2019 and for the R language (Find feature, code templates, etc. just in case you work with statistics). There is also an enhancement to avoid making an executable before a quality review in VB6, better support for the OLEDB Provider for ODBC and some memory for the Code Explorer. The complete list of changes is the following:

  • Enhanced (VS): Added support for Visual Studio 2019.
  • Enhanced (VS): Added support for the R language.
  • Enhanced [#13629] (VB6): The Review Quality feature no longer requires to build the project.
  • Enhanced [#13599] (All): New predefined variable “Year” ($P[YEAR]) (useful for copyrights).
  • Enhanced [#13614] (All): The Database Connection String Assistant now includes the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers.
  • Enhanced [#13476] (VB/VBA): The Code Explorer now remembers filters on the toolbar across sessions.
  • Fixed [#13486] (VS): System.NullReferenceException could happen using the Method Callers feature.
  • Fixed [#12937, #12330, #12644, #13517] (VS): System.EntryPointNotFoundException could happen using the Statistics feature.
  • Fixed [#13529] (All): The sporadic COMException that can happen showing a toolwindow is now reported as a friendly error rather than as a bug.
  • Fixed [#13572] (All): The “I” access key (used by the “Insert” button) was duplicated in other controls of the New Method Assistant dialog.
  • Fixed [#12852] (VS): NullReferenceException happened with expression-bodied properties that had an attribute.
  • Fixed [#13586] (VS): NullReferenceException happened with expression-bodied properties that used a separate line for the => operator.
  • Fixed [#13595] (VB/VBA): The Find Text feature showed results at the first line of the code window not showing previous lines of code.
  • Fixed [Internal] (All): NullReferenceException happened if the IDE was closed just after showing a toolwindow from the previous session.
  • Fixed [13684] (VB/VBA): The Database Connection String Assistant showed as exception to report the error “System.ArgumentException: Provider is not registered.
  • Fixed [13683] (VS): The Convert Field to Property feature didn’t work correctly with C# fields that lack an explicit access in the declaration.