New build released

Yesterday I released a new build ( of MZ-Tools 8.0. If you keep track of build numbers you will notice that the last one (August 1) was, so why this big increment? The reason is that these months I am migrating the system to produce builds to the Azure DevOps (formerly Visual Studio Team Services) build/release pipelines, and I have implemented a new auto-increment logic for build numbers. Although this migration is causing that (temporarily) I don’t release a new build each month as in the past, when finished it will allow me to send a pre-production build with a fix to the customer reporting a bug as soon as I check-in the fix in source code, all in a 100% automated fashion.

This new build introduces some enhancements, such as async package for Visual Studio 2015/2017 (Microsoft will require async packages in future versions) and a new browser-based local help instead of the old HTML Help (.chm) technology that was created for Windows 98 and hasn’t been updated by Microsoft since then. Also, it fixes quite a few bugs:

MZ-Tools released (November 1, 2018)

  • Enhanced (All): The local help has changed from HTML Help format (.chm) to browser-based web help.
  • Enhanced [#13427] (VB/VBA): The External Utilities feature now supports the Selected Text predefined variable, useful to pass a selected URL in code to a browser.
  • Enhanced (VB/VBA): Added checkbox in setup to use COM Shim or not.
  • Fixed [#13261] (All): If an exception happens loading a xml document, a friendly error message is now shown.
  • Fixed [#13330] (All): When using the Replace Whole Line(s) With New Line(s) option of the Replace feature, an entire final line was removed if the searched text included \r\n.
  • Fixed [#13330] (All): When using the Replace Whole Line(s) With New Line(s) option of the Replace feature, NullReferenceException happened if the Compose New Line button was not clicked.
  • Fixed [#13342] (All): Operations that modify code silenced some exceptions.
  • Fixed [#13288] (VB/VBA): The Task List didn’t show System.IO.IOException as friendly messages.
  • Fixed [#13286] (VB/VBA): The keyboard shortcuts editor didn’t show used shortcuts in German.
  • Fixed [#13388] (VB/VBA): The dead code review didn’t detect as unused variables with the same name than recordset fields using bang syntax.
  • Fixed [#13287] (VB/VBA): The line indenter didn’t parse correctly type fields that used end block keywords as the name of the field.
  • Fixed [#13425] (VB/VBA): Error parsing block with colon and line continuation before end statement of the block.
  • Fixed [#13403] (VBA): The default options for Control Explorer didn’t include MSForms controls.
  • Fixed [#13438] (VB.NET): The feature Convert Field to Property didn’t work correctly with VB.NET generic types.