MZ-Tools released with bug fixes

A new monthly build of MZ-Tools 8.0 was published last November 1. It introduces an enhancement to replace contents of existing VBA files when importing, rather than duplicating the file, and some bug fixes. The complete change log is the following:

  • Enhanced [#12516] (VBA): The Import Files feature now replaces the contents of existing items.
  • Fixed [#12553] (VB/VBA): The Line Indenting feature didn’t handle correctly line continuations at the end of a comment followed by a blank line.
  • Fixed [#12559] (VB/VBA): The Select Case Assistant didn’t work in properties, only in methods.
  • Fixed [#12562] (VBA): The Development Environment Settings Review did not run on startup.
  • Fixed [#12575] (All): Entering by accident in the dialog to enter user-defined variable values a user-defined variable name hung the IDE.