MZ-Tools released with bug fixes

As usual, today a new monthly build of MZ-Tools has been released. This time with a small usability enhancement and some bug fixes.

The changelog is the following:

  • Enhanced [#12424] (All): The user options window now remembers the last used setting to keep open modified documents or not.
  • Fixed [#12376] (All): The HTML documentation didn’t handle correctly constants and fields.
  • Fixed [#12234] (VB/VBA): The Code Explorer could still cause System.NullReferenceException when closing.
  • Fixed [#12384] (VB/VBA): Constants and variables of properties were not reviewed by the Review Quality feature.
  • Fixed [#12386] (VB/VBA): Multiple constants/fields declared using line continuation were not parsed correctly.
  • Fixed [#12387] (VB/VBA): Declarations of Declare Function/Sub using a line continuation were not parsed correctly.
  • Fixed [#12391] (VB/VBA): COMException happened refreshing results if the scope was current file and the file had been removed and readded.
  • Fixed [#12410] (VB/VBA): Error “Failed to get command bar name of: CommandBarKinds.MenuBar” if the File menu entry was not the first one on the main menu.
  • Fixed [Internal] (VB/VBA): The Code Explorer didn’t show Declare Sub / Declare Function code elements.