MZ-Tools released introducing collector of ‘ TODO: tasks in code

Today MZ-Tools has been released. It fixes an important performance bug that can happen using the Select Case Assistant for VBA/VB6/VB5 and other minor bugs but, more importantly, it introduces a quite requested feature: a collector of TODO tasks in code for those IDEs. MZ-Tools 8.0 already provided a Task List, but it was for tasks entered by hand, now called “general” tasks:These tasks are entered manually through a dialog and are not tied to code:

This new build provides a new tab in the Task List for “code” tasks, that are comments in code that start with ‘ TODO: or ‘TODO: (without space):

This features scans all the code of your project showing those types of comments. Hopefully you find this feature useful.

The complete changelog is the following:

  • Enhanced [#12326] (VB/VBA): The Task List provides now a new tab page to show code tasks (‘ TODO: comments) apart from general tasks.
  • Enhanced [#12287] (All): The commands GenerateXmlDocumentation and GenerateHtmlDocumentation can be now automated.
  • Fixed [#12312] (VS): NullReferenceException loading MZ-Tools on Visual Studio 2010, 2008 or 2005. This bug was introduced in last build
  • Fixed [#12307] (VS): The Add Line Numbers feature numbered lines after initializer ‘=’ in VB.NET 10.0 or higher.
  • Fixed [#12234] (VB/VBA): The Code Explorer could still cause System.NullReferenceException when closing.
  • Fixed [#12247] (VB/VBA): The Select Case Assistant didn’t parse correctly enum items with comments or conditional compilation directives.
  • Fixed [#12247] (VB/VBA): The Select Case Assistant could be very slow in some scenarios.
  • Fixed [#12347] (VBA): Using MSForms, pages of a MultiPage control were not retrieved on Windows 7.
  • Fixed [Internal] (All): The window to select a code template didn’t have the correct tab order.