MZ-Tools released with enhancements and fixes

The new build of MZ-Tools released yesterday fixes four minor bugs, but it introduces three handy enhancements.

The first one is for users of any IDE (Visual Studio, VBA, VB6 or VB5). The Select Case assistant (VB) or Switch Assistant (C#) for enums allows now you to specify an optional custom template for the enum items after the Case statement. This template can use the name of the enum item (in different forms, such as normal, uppercase, or uppercase with underscores) and the name of the parent enum. This is handy when the case statements perform assignments to constants, etc. The assistant shows now also a preview:

The second one is for VBA users: this build introduces also support for Most Used Properties in the Control Explorer, Form Default Properties and Control Default Properties (previously features that deal with properties of controls were only available for Visual Studio, VB6 and VB5):

Finally, for Visual Studio users, the number of commands for code templates has been increased from 9 to 50.

The complete changelog is the following:

  • Enhanced [#12247] (All): Added support for enum item template in Switch / Select Case Assistant for Enums.
  • Enhanced [#12204] (VBA): Added support for Most Used Properties (Control Explorer), Form Default Properties and Control Default Properties.
  • Enhanced [#12250] (VS): Increased the number of commands for code templates from 9 to 50.
  • Fixed [#12224] (VBA): The Task List could cause System.ArgumentException: (“Invalid characters in path”) saving tasks.
  • Fixed [#12234] (VB/VBA): The Code Explorer could cause System.NullReferenceException when closing.
  • Fixed [#12252] (VS): Expression-bodied function members caused NullReferenceException in C# 6.0 or higher.
  • Fixed [Internal] (VS): Controls of tab pages of programming and nomenclature rules review were not themed with the Dark theme.