BUG: EnvDTE80.CodeEvent.Comment doesn't return "" for C# events without doc comment

Author: Carlos J. Quintero (Microsoft MVP) Applies to: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Date: May 2011   Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
      Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

The automation model (EnvDTE80) of Visual Studio provides classes for code elements such as EnvDTE80.CodeClass2, EnvDTE80.CodeEvent, etc. which have Comment and DocComment properties. The Comment property returns "" for code elements with no comment. The DocComment property returns <doc>\n</doc> for code elements with no comment. However, for C# code events, EnvDTE80.CodeEvent.Comment returns <doc>\n</doc> instead of "", which is inconsistent with other C# code elements, or with VB.NET code events.

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Steps to reproduce the problem:

  • Create a macro with the following code:
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Sub Macro1()

   Dim codeClass As EnvDTE80.CodeClass2
   Dim codeEvent As EnvDTE80.CodeEvent
   Dim projectItem As ProjectItem

   projectItem = DTE.ActiveDocument.ProjectItem

   codeClass = DirectCast(projectItem.FileCodeModel.CodeElements.Item(1), EnvDTE80.CodeClass2)
   codeEvent = DirectCast(codeClass.Members.Item(1), EnvDTE80.CodeEvent)

   MsgBox("Comment of " & codeClass.FullName & ":" & codeClass.Comment)
   MsgBox("Comment of " & codeEvent.FullName & ":" & codeEvent.Comment)

End Sub
  • Create a C# project and paste this code in the Class1.cs file:
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public class Class1
   public event System.EventHandler Event1;
  • Execute the macro when the Class1.cs file is active. While the returned comment for the class is "", it is <doc>\n</doc> for the event.

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