BUG: ext_ConnectMode.ext_cm_CommandLine flag not passed to Visual Studio .NET 2002 add-ins.

Author: Carlos J. Quintero (Microsoft MVP) Applies to: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002
Date: June 2004   Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Updated: March 2009    

When you load the Visual Studio .NET 2002/2005 IDEs from the command-line using devenv.exe to build a solution, addins marked as command-line add-ins do not receive the value ext_ConnectMode.ext_cm_CommandLine in the connectMode parameter of the OnConnection method.


This is a bug of Visual Studio .NET 2002. It was fixed in Visual Studio .NET 2003.

More Information

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  • Create a Visual Studio .NET 2002 addin with this code:
Public Sub OnConnection(ByVal application As Object, _
    ByVal connectMode As Extensibility.ext_ConnectMode, _
    ByVal addInInst As Object, ByRef custom As System.Array) _
    Implements Extensibility.IDTExtensibility2.OnConnection

   If connectMode = ext_ConnectMode.ext_cm_CommandLine Then

      MessageBox.Show("Launched from command line")


      MessageBox.Show("NOT Launched from command line")

   End If

End Sub
  • Run the add-in to register it, and in the Add-In Manager mark it to load on startup and from the command-line.
  • Close all IDE instances.
  • Open a Visual Studio .NET 2002 Command Prompt and use:
    devenv.exe MySolution.sln /build Debug
    to load the IDE and compile a solution without showing the user interface of Visual Studio .NET .
  • The add-in shows the message "NOT Launched from command line". In Visual Studio .NET 2003, it shows correctly the message "Launched from command line".

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