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User Testimonials

"I'm an avid supporter of MZ-Tools. It's a product I couldn't do without and your level of support is outstanding."

Jan Hyde

"You will soon wonder how you ever lived without it."

Andy Maggs

"This is one of the most useful and best VB add-ins. Now that I have been using it I don't know how I ever worked without it. MZ-Tools has become my right hand in the VB IDE."

C. Kevin Provance

About MZ-Tools

About me

My name is Carlos Quintero and I was awarded with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title in the Visual Studio category from 2004 to 2018 for my contributions in forums and newsgroups to the community of developers who create add-ins and extensions for Visual Studio.

About MZ-Tools

My interest in developing add-ins started around the middle of year 2000, due to the fact that the VB6 IDE, whilst being a good IDE, was not as powerful as I would wish and had notorious deficiencies. I also wished to become familiar with building web sites, domain registration and so on.

In October 2000 I first released my little web site with MZ-Tools 1.0 for VB6 supplied as a freeware tool. It was quite a simple version but which nonetheless enjoyed a lot of success. The version 2.0, which was released about six months later, was even more successful. In October 2001 I released version 3.0, which has been by far the most popular add-in for VB5, VB6 and VBA. For Visual Studio .NET I have created new versions with new and great features.

About the MZ-Tools name

Another question that some ask is "What does MZ mean?". You'll probably laugh, but "MZ" derives from "Mazinger-Z", a very popular Japanese cartoon character (in Spain) in the late 70's when I was a child. The original name for the tools, Q-Tools, was not available for domain registration, so... ah well, Mazinger-Z was a very powerful robot with a lot of resources, just like these tools... Hmmm. ;-)

With Best Wishes

Carlos Quintero