MZ-Tools 7 Bug: dropdown menus visibility not preserved across Visual Studio sessions

Another bug of MZ-Tools 7.0 has been reported: when in the Options window, Toolbars and Menus section, you uncheck some dropdown menu to hide it (for example, the Close, Copy To or Paste From dropdown menus on the Main toolbar), although they are hidden in the current session after closing the Options window, they are shown again in the next Visual Studio session (despite the fact that they remain unchecked in the Options window):


This is due to a bug in Visual Studio 2010 and VS 2012 (VS 2005 and 2008 are not affected) about the Name and Caption properties of dropdown menus that I have reported to Microsoft Connect. Fortunately, I have found a workaround and this bug will be fixed in next build (September 1).

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